Joint work with city halls and municipal education offices

The Faculty of PPGCIMES acts together with city halls and municipal education offices in Pará to expand the distance education centers and to offer more undergraduate and graduate courses, primarily those to educate professors, and also implement new centers. Through Open University of Brazil, the group currently manages centers in 38 municipalities and seeks to expand this radius with de support of UFPA.


Partnership with Oncológica Brasil

The Federal University of Pará, through the Laboratory for Research and Experimentation on Multimedia, which integrates the activities of PPGCIMES, acts in partnership with Oncológica Brasil – Teaching and Research with education collaborative activities in research, scientific production and dissemination of science. Many courses, workshops and study groups already occurred.   


Partnership with Acquerello Design

To produce artistic and visual products, the Laboratory for Research and Experimentation on Multimedia has the support of Acquerello Design, a local enterprise that works in the field of creation, design (graphic and electronic), editing, graphical projects, text organization and reviewing of texts, visual communication, museographic projects, exhibitions and digitalization of historical and artistic collections. The enterprise was responsible for the visual conception of the Newton Project.

Newton Project: Calculus I (2017/2) –05/31/2017 Class – Prof. Marcos Diniz


Partnership with TV Norte Independente

TV Norte Independente is a video producer that has been on the audiovisual market of Pará for over 13 years with services such as live transmissions, documentaries production, advertising videos, TV programs, video classes and also DVDs and movies recording. The Laboratory for Research and Experimentation on Multimedia maintains a partnership with the enterprise to edit videos and multimedia productions like the opening sequence used in the interviews of the project The Leaden Years.

UFPA and the Years of Lead: memory, trauma, silence and educational culture (1964-1985) – Interview with Margaret Moura Refkalefsky


Partnership with Mister Chip

In the technology field, the enterprise Mister Chip aids the Laboratory for Research and Experimentation on Multimedia in the demands and projects that require technical support. The company offers courses and trainings developed to supply practical techniques and tools in a work and production environment. The enterprise collaborates in the making of didactic materials of the professional qualification course in in Medicinal Plants and Herbal medicines.